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Entrackment has ultra-mega-fast track access!

Entrackment for iPad is finally here!

The first touch control surface for use with Garageband

News Oct 29, 2010
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The Story behind Entrackment

We're all musicians at Talkative, and one of our favourite tools is Garageband. It's easy, simple and the perfect tool for testing ideas and create the starting point for a new music project.

However, Garageband is not perfect. We often find ourselves moving around the midi keyboard, the mouse and other stuff depending on which task we're working with. And there's very little (if not none) feeling when you adjust track volumes, equalizers, paning, etc. This is not a problem unique for Garageband and for the professional studio the solution is simple: A control surface.

But here's the deal:

You can find a cheap control surface for $99 but as we see it - the hardware feeling and the integration with the application really sucks.

If you want good hardware and good integration, it will cost you at least ten times more.

And the worst part - not even the expensive control makes a good job.

The day after iPad was announced, we decided to create our own control surface.


Quick Track Access

Stop wasting time trying to find the knob for a track on your control surface. Entrackment lists full track labels and gives you direct access to the corresponding controls with a touch!

Dynamic accuracy

Pan from left to right with a small gesture around the pan. Make a wider movement in order to fine tune.

Wireless and Mobile

Entrackment might not be as powerful as your big-ass 32 channel control surface for symphony orchestra arrangement, but hey.. you can bring it when you go over to the recording room to improvise some riffs!

Dynamic Layout

Only used tracks are visible - enabling large controls that you don't need to lean over to hit with the finger. Panning knobs are revealed when needed.

This is just the beginning

We a whole bunch of great features in the pipeline. So stay in touch, and don't fortget to update!

Plugin Requirements

- Mac OS X 10.5 or later for Intel based Macintosh computers.

- Garageband 09 or later

Plugin Requirements

- Mac OS X 10.5 or later for Intel based Macintosh computers.

- iLife '09 or iLife '11 (with Garageband '09/'11 respectively)

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